Take A Look At The Net Worth Of Famous Celebrities And Politicians

Wolf Blitzer – $20 Million

Wolf Blitzer is a seasoned journalist and a prominent political anchor. His journey in journalism began back in 1970, marked by his time at Reuters and the Jerusalem Post. However, it’s his affiliation with CNN that has brought him widespread recognition, as he has been an integral part of the network since 1990. Over the years at CNN, Blitzer has taken on diverse roles, including serving as a White House correspondent and anchoring “CNN Newsroom.”

This accomplished journalist’s current net worth stands at $20 million, supplemented by an annual salary of $5 million. Blitzer’s presence extends beyond news broadcasting, as he has made appearances in movies, including cameo roles in “Mission: Impossible-Fallout.” In January 2021, a press release from “CNN Press Room” announced a revision to Wolf’s program “The Situation Room,” transforming it from a two-hour format to a one-hour segment.