These Celebrities Make Themselves Millionaires With Their Surprising Sidelines

According to studies, an average millionaire has to have seven streams of income. However, it looks like celebrities only need a big name, the funds, and the right amount of knowledge and luck to do so.
If you want to be inspired and be as affluent as your favorite stars, see this list of famous celebrities who have managed to make themselves millionaires with their side hustles.

Mark & Donnie Wahlberg | Entrepreneurship

Mark and Donnie Wahlberg started their career by joining New Kids on the Block, a successful boy band back in the days. They were two of the original members, but Mark decided to leave the band. They managed to produce high-selling albums with their music throughout the years. Years later, the brothers ventured into the world of the film industry, where both were also highly successful. Mark had lots of famous credit roles in movies, like his role in Transformers: Last Knight and Transformers: Age of Extinction. Donnie, on the other hand, also landed roles in famous films, like the Saw series.

Aside from their hard-earned career, the siblings co-owned their brother’s, Peter Wahlberg, burger restaurant named Wahlburgers. Together, Peter, Mark, and Donnie worked together to get their business running. Currently, it is found in 49 different locations all over the United States, with two branches in Canada and one in Germany. As a campaign for their business, they produced several episodes for Wahlburgers that were co-directed by Mark.