Celebrity War: Expect An Uphill Battle If These Celebrities Work Together

Sylvester Stallone And Bruce Willis

Two legendary actors who were once a great action film tandem, Sylvester Stallone and Bruce Willis, are probably nowhere near working together again. It all happened when they were filming The Expendables 3. Willis, who played CIA agent Mr. Church in the first two films, allegedly demanded a pay raise. It would’ve been easy if he asked for tens of thousands of bucks– even hundreds of thousands, but he demanded a million dollars!

What irked Stallone was that Willis was guaranteed to be paid with a hefty $3-million paycheck for only four days of work. When the latter asked for $4 million, and his price wasn’t met, he instantly dropped out of the film. The Rocky star eventually vented on his Twitter account regarding his frustrations and recruited Harrison Ford to replace Willis. After the dust-up, both superstars apparently made amends and went on to increase their credit reports in Hollywood.