Celebrity War: Expect An Uphill Battle If These Celebrities Work Together

They may be good actors and actresses, but it is quite challenging for celebrities to work with someone they have a significant issue with. Just like everybody else, their emotions can get the best of them and have a beef with another celebrity.

Jennifer Lopez And Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez are undoubtedly two of the music industry’s biggest names. They both have hundreds of millions of dollars to their name and successful music careers to boast. However, it’s certainly interesting that these two divas are feuding against each other! It supposedly started when Mariah was asked about the different pop stars back in the 2000s. She gave credit to other pop stars like Beyoncé for being great performers but refused to acknowledge Jennifer Lopez.

We don’t exactly know why Mariah Carey refuses to admit that she knows Jennifer Lopez. As far as we know, the line that Mariah said was way back in the 2000s! Despite the line being said a long time ago, it’s still definitely entertaining for us fans. There’s certainly a lot of uncertainty when it comes to the relationship between these two pop icons. What we do know and are sure of is that these two divas will never ever be friends!