Hollywood Celebrities Who Are Surprisingly Single

When it comes to celebrities, we are always curious about their private lives. What they portrayed in the spotlight is far from what they did. For example, romantic comedy stars do not always get fairy-tale love stories in real life.

Some people think that looking handsome, going crazy and getting rich will guarantee to become a partner. Unfortunately, some celebrities are not in love. See which of your favorite Hollywood characters are celebrating their independence and fully embracing their lives.

Sandra Bullock


For movie lovers, this is our ultimate rom-com queen! Sandra Bullock was born in 1964. She received a degree in romantic comedy film from the University of Hollywood with honors, and became one of the world’s highest-paid actresses. She won the Academy Awards and Golden Globe Awards. Multiple honors. Joking aside, the role played by this American-German actress on the screen made us all feel dizzy and excited. Who would forget her performances in “Miss Goodheart”, “Two Weeks Notice” and “Proposal”?

Although most of her rom-com movies have a happy ending, the love story in real life was once in trouble after ending her marriage with motorcycle manufacturer Jesse James in 2010. However, Bullock only recently returned to the dating game again and saw photographer Bryan Randall. We are not sure if what they have is a serious matter, but until they are “formally together”, the 56-year-old actress is still single.