Celebrity Beauty Rituals

Check out what these Hollywood A-listers’ beauty rituals are!

 Sandra Bullock | Hemorrhoid Cream


The undereye area is notorious for showing age since the skin in that area is so thin and delicate. However, Bullock utilizes a simple skincare trick in order to keep her eye area youthful. We are all guilty for using one product for another purpose, but Sandra Bullock further takes this a degree when she admitted to having been using hemorrhoid cream on her eye bags. To reduce puffiness around the eyes and avoid fine lines and wrinkles, she places Preparation H under her eyes.

In one interview, the Miss Congeniality actress exclaimed about how she didn’t realize it was perfectly tolerable to use butt cream for under-eyes in the beauty industry. She swears by its wonders, though. Let’s hope the ointment does not cause the actress any discomfort. Even though it does her well, this might not be a hack people at home should try out. The rest of us should ask our dermatologists first just to be sure.