Celebrities Over 50 with Stunning Physique

Despite their fifty-plus age, their stunning figure is proof that you can still age beautifully if you choose to.

Jennifer Lopez

Consistency is Jennifer Lopez’s secret to having a stunning physique. The 51-year-old actress, dancer, and singer did not excuse herself from going to the gym even if it is her birthday. She revealed that the reason behind her fitness is that she never misses a workout. She holds herself responsible for every choice that she makes. She pushes and motivates herself to stay committed in her exercise, even in her lazy and tired days. Her self-discipline to not miss a single session paid off when she saw the flattering results in her body. When she is being hyper-regimented (read: no sugar) but still craves a sweet, her snacks include sugar-free Jell0, sugar-free popsicles, protein shakes, and protein pancakes—made with protein powder, no flour, and topped with sugar-free syrup.And instead of caffeine, she drinks tons of tons of water. And she also skips alcohol.

She even stated that she feels more confident in her skin now than in her younger years, which is why J. Lo continues to bring electricity on stage during her performances.