Celebrities Over 50 with Stunning Physique

Despite their fifty-plus age, their stunning figure is proof that you can still age beautifully if you choose to.

Cindy Crawford

If you happen to come across a picture of Cindy Crawford, you might mistake her as a lady in her 30s. That’s how youthful she looks even at the age of 54! Her successful modeling career landed her roles in films and television series. She once shared that there were no secrets behind her fit body and youthful look. Her workout routines include cardio, circuit exercises, and some old school exercises that she learned from the past. While she became famous for walking down runways. IRL, Cindy prefers running, not only is the cardio exercise a great way to keep your heart strong, but it burns serious cals as well. Crawford also makes sure that she squeezes in her schedule time for her workout.

She also ensures that her meals are healthy and nutritious. In the early ’90s, she released her exercise video entitled, Cindy Crawford: Shape Your Body Workout. We hope to see her publish up-to-date online classes too!