90 Actors And Actresses In The ‘80s And ‘70s And Where They Are Now

The ’70s and ’80s were a time of dance music and funky fashion for Hollywood, thanks to its popular actors and actresses who have starred in iconic films and television shows.

These stars gathered a major fan base, have become household names for decades, and whose memory is still etched in every viewer’s mind, especially those who are in the same generation. Let us go down memory lane and meet these actors and actresses in the ’70s and ’80s and see what they are up to now.

Elisabeth Shue

One of the entertainers in the ’80s is Elisabeth Shue. Her popularity rose when she landed a role in The Karate Kid and was also included in the second and third installments of the Back to the Future franchise. In 2019, Shue took a leading role in the American superhero drama television series, The Boys, as a charismatic, scheming vice-president of Hero Management. Despite her stardom and the challenges that come with it, Elizabeth did not need to consult her lawyers for divorce, unlike other celebrities, as she is still with her husband, Davis Guggenheim.

On the personal front, Elisabeth Shue gets to pick and choose her roles while remaining devoted to her happy family. Elisabeth Shue and husband Davis Guggenheim sold their 1924 Hollywood Hills home in 2004 and moved back to Chicago to live a less hectic life away from the spotlight and to give their children the best start in life.