Most Effective Full Body Workouts For Every Fitness Fan

In order to have a good workout, it is best that we work on different parts of our body to reach specific body goals. When time isn’t on your side, however, you can always turn to full-body moves that will target multiple muscle groups at once. When you do any of these, you work your whole body so you save time, but don’t compromise on your workout to any degree. From beginner to advanced, here are the most effective full-body workouts for every fitness fan.

For The Beginner:

Burpee – Moving from horizontal to vertical as fast as possible will always make for a good cardio workout. Start by standing, then put your hands on the floor above your feet and make your legs jump backward. Then make your legs jump inward near your hands again and jump up, raising your hand above your head. Repeating these will definitely make your heart race.

Medicine ball slam – If you’re looking to improve your strength and speed to a higher degree, then this is for you. Open your legs wide apart on either side of the ball. Squat and collect the ball, and then bring it above your head, tiptoeing as fast as you can. Once you’re fully standing, push the ball down as forcefully as you can.

Crab walk – This exercise does not take credit for being the most graceful one, but it is surely efficient. Using your entire body, the workout will work up a sweat in no time. Sit on the floor, your legs in front of you with your knees bent. Your feet are flat on the floor. Situate your hands behind you and raise your hips. Walk on your hand and feet this way for at least 1 minute.

For The Intermediate:

Chest to floor burpee – This is a degree harder than the aforementioned burpee above. Start the same way. Stand up straight, place your hands on the floor, jump backward but before you jump back in, do a push up first, and then carry on with going upright then jumping with both hands above you.

Wall balls – The exercise takes credit for being the only one that can compete with the burpee for being the most strenuous workout. Face a wall standing. You are to catch a ball that will bounce back to you, so make sure your distance is just right. Holding a medicine ball to your chest, you squat then jump with force, at the same time throwing the ball to the wall. Catch the ball as it bounces back to you and then repeat.

Crocodile walk – From a push-up position, bend your elbows to bring you a degree lower to the ground, making your body straight. Crawl by touching a knee to an elbow of the same side while the arm of the opposite side moves forward. The goal is to maintain the posture the whole time. You can also crawl backward if you’re up for a challenge.

For The Advanced:

Burpee pull-up – For the extreme version of our favorite burpee, there’s this next exercise. Make sure there’s ample bare flooring around you before you begin. Work with a pull-up bar this time and start by standing under it. From your upright position, drop into the push-up position and then jump backward. You can do the push up here if you want but that’s optional. Jump back inwards and then stand upright and as you jump to the air, grab the pull-up bar and pull yourself up. A rep is only considered when your chin surpasses the bar.

Man maker – Consisting of a lot of moves altogether, this exercise targets multiple muscles at the same time. With dumbbells in hand on your sides, bend your legs to lower the dumbbells by your feet. Make your legs jump backward, ending in a push-up position. With the dumbbells holding you on the floor, perform a push-up, and then bring your hands one by one to your chest. Make your legs jump back inward, and go upright. Squat low while perching the dumbbells on your shoulders then raise them up above your head. Yeah, that was a lot and it only counted for one rep.

Deadlift – If you’re willing to loan your time and effort to build body strength, then do the deadlift. Start with standing upright, with the barbell on the floor and your toes directly under the bar. Bend and take the barbell’s bar with both hands positioned a little wider than shoulder-width apart. Your palms must be facing you. Chest out and back straight, you push your feet against the floor as you lift the barbell into a standing upright position. Breathe and then lower it back to the floor. Mind your posture to do it properly

Based on materials from Coachmag

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