Celebrity Couples With Big Age Gaps Who Find True Love After Years Of The Single Life

They say that love is blind, and this is obviously true even in Hollywood. When entering a relationship, age is something most people consider, but these couples are not. For them, this is not important when investing in a relationship.

Some people may raise their eyebrows, but if you really love someone, regardless of race, gender, class, or age, you will fall in love with him or her! Which celebrities are we really talking about? Get inspiration from the 35 celebrities on our list with a wide age gap.

Ellen DeGeneres And Portia de Rossi

TV host Ellen DeGeneres and actress Portia de Rossi are among the most-watched couples in Hollywood. DeGeneres is 15 years older than Portia, but this seems to be no obstacle for the couple.

Having been together since 2014, the two met behind the scenes in a performance. They soon got married in 2008. De Rossi took things even higher. She named her after DeGeneres in 2010, and her legal name is now Portia Lee James DeGeneres.